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Choose Uniform Style

We have designed a variety of stylish jerseys to suit your preferences. In addition, you can choose to design your own jersey. Please read the options below for details.

Design by Yourself

In order to fully match your custom design, we will adopt the design artwork you provided. please read the following guidelines and requirements for this option.


The artwork must be in color CMYK mode. We do not accept RGB or other color modes. If there is color difference due to the use of a color mode other than CMYK, the company is not responsible and will not reprint or refund the payment amount of the product.

File Format

● Customer’s artwork must be saved via Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF.
● All images must have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

Text Guide

● All text in the file must be converted to an outline.
● The height of the English letter must be large than 5mm.
● The height of the Chinese letter must be large than 10mm.


Stroke  | The stroke of the customer’s artwork must be greater than 1pt. Stroke smaller than 1pt may break or disappear.

Scale | The customer’s artwork must be produced in the original 1:1 ratio.

Download Template

Product Material

Products are made with high-quality cotton or dry cool fabric which allows fast evaporation, anti-UV, mildew proof, and non-sticky sensation.

Wicking Fabric

Wicking fabric will absorb sweat and dry quickly.

Dry quickly

Wicking fabric contains tiny capillaries which allows fast evaporation through its unique structure, provide you with a dry, cool, nonsticky sensation.

Slim and Light

Keep the shirt is dry quickly, lightweight and comfortable.

Size Guide

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Please download & select all the options in the form.

Order Form

Uniform style design by uniform Klovergroup.

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Please upload us the form & material and we will respond to your order details and prices as soon as possible.


If you have any questions.

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